Im tiefsten Winter

Here lie the many views on how winter is perceived. The icy tundras and landscapes and cityscapes, all are a welcome form of greeting the dead of winter.

A serene nighttime setting with snow piled up around a river and a man standing over it on a bridge. The snow banks pull the eye in acting like a frame. This pulls the focus to the mysterious man.
A frozen tundra. The vastness is succeeded only by the exquisite use of color to define the epitome of winter. The cold and frigid landscape, perfectly captured by the right blending and highlighting.
New York in the middle of winter time. A blizzard ravaging the street. The way life is continuing on regardless of the storm, it's an accurate and honest representation of winter life.
A town in Finland. Here is some of it's flora in the dead of winter. The unique brush strokes and blending really brings dimension into the painting.
Here stands a Torii at the end of an icy path. Trees surrounding it, bare and frigid. The glossiness on the pathway brings a sheer reality to the piece.
We see women and children going about their daily lives, tending to the livestock. What really makes this painting is the upward movement of it. Generally winter is so confining, but here the clouds are opening up and making the world feel so vast.
A shepherd is herding his sheep through the snowy field. What is most interesting about this painting is the way the colors flow perfectly with the brush strokes. It really emphasizes the darkness of winter.
A deer frolicking through the snow. One of the most enchanting things is to run and parade through the snow. This deer shows us a whimsical and carefree time. Notice how from left to right the sky is blue and then it becomes cloudy, an impending storm for the deer.
A bleak winter landscape with two seals laying about. This piece captures the raw vision of winter. There is a stillness that surrounds all life. The composition shows both man and nature in this photo.
Another landscape painting, showcasing the forest. The tree to the left in the painting has so much detail and it brings forth this essence of death and rebirth. The painting holds a shroud curiosity as you look further back. It's almost as if in a small way, winter is fading away.
Credits: All media
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