Stephanie Alexander: Fragments

Fragments Art Collection  is a streaming mosaic representative of mankind's universal tumult to aspire, acquire, survive; evolve.

This photographic scene depicts the life of people living in urban cities. The image shows high rise concrete buildings that are commonly densely populated by people from different backgrounds. This is a perfect example of an imperfect environment that shows the life of poverty, overly populated communities, pollution, busy streets, and hardship. The human instinct to survive and dream for the betterment of their life; the life of their loved ones and those who are left behind is all worth the sacrifice. The boy in the picture plays with all the distractions in his surroundings; he still find a moment to enjoy and fly his kite.
The image portrays a horizon of fragmented events perhaps depicting the broken paths that foretell an unpredictable future.  
The Harvest of Death represents the continues violence that is so prevalent throughout the world and interrupts the life cycle of millions of people. War can also free people from oppression and enslavement. 
Longing is a universal expression of life interrupted by the desire to have or attain that which we do not have.
The image can portray displacement and pilgrimage of mankind to seek refuge from religious, political, social, cultural, and economic persecution.  It can also represent the upstaging of families to attain further economic potential.
"Sunday Evening" portrays an impoverished family together for a peaceful evening during a time of drought with beckoning rain clouds on the horizon.
The "Galleon Trade Scene"  is a Diorama that depicts various opportunities for the different classes of society to make a living through trade, sales, and labor.
"The Family" is a moving depiction of a mothers love for her children despite their minimal material wealth. This art expresses simplicity and humility.
This gathering of people  from different cultures waiting to board "The Bus" represents the potential of mobility, moving forward, and hope.
Gazing into the inner most realms of his mind the "Dream of a Boy" can become a reality through opportunity in the horizons of his future.
Credits: All media
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