kBeazer artHistory

In this gallery, I will be focusing mainly on the colors and texture of the pieces.

The use of shading in this piece is very precise. Judging by the details, you can tell that this painting took some time for this artist to create it.
The colors in this piece are very warm.  They give me a feeling of being back home, and the way the colors are blended together gives the piece a sunset type vibe.
This piece has a cloudy feel to it, which makes the female figure displayed in the image seem quite mysterious. 
This piece really displays the use of light and shadow.  By creating a bright source in the background, the artist was able to really focus on the detail in the foreground. 
This piece might be the best piece that I have in my gallery.  The artist uses a blank background to allow you to focus directly on the birds in the piece.  Unity...
The display of the layers is what drew me to this piece.  The artist uses a combination of colors and shades to create an almost 3D effect.
Notice how the background has a slight blur effect, while the foreground is quite easy on the eye....Simple but sophisticated.
This piece really displays the use of color and light.  The artist uses different shades of color that gives the piece a mist-like effect.
This piece displays a sunset over a valley.  The trees almost act as a gateway to a new and mysterious world of adventure.
The artist captures this little girl almost as if she is in deep thought.  The artist really focuses on the cheek of the girl, making it as if the girl is blushing.
In this piece, the artist portrays rocks that have a waterfall effect to them.  The piece itself has a cool display of colors, but the artist really focuses on the detail in the rocks.
This artist really expresses detail in this charcoal piece.  The flowers are quite vivid and the shading on the holder shows the perfect use of light and shade.  
The man in this piece looks quite sad upon first glance.  Judging by his surroundings, he also looks very tall.  The use of shading was nicely done in this piece.
This piece is quite basic, but shows some depth of emotion at the same time. Notice how the artist focuses more on the top half of the couple to really exaggerate the hug.
This piece has a dark feel to it.  The artist was able to create some in-depth detail using very minimal lighting.
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