"The color of nature" by: Joseph Washington

This gallery includes many different colors of of nature and different aspects of how different cultures use different methods of how they individually use nature for a way of life.

The Harvesters, Pieter Bruegel the Elder, 1565, From the collection of: The Metropolitan Museum of Art
In this piece it is designed with many different hues. "The Harvester's". The lines horizontal and asymmetrical. It depicts hard working Americans the big harvest before winter. While others are working hard there are people sleeping and one taking care of a newborn baby.
The birth of Venus, Sandro Botticelli, 1483 - 1485, From the collection of: Uffizi Gallery
This picture shows a great balance of color. This is the greek goddess Venus. This picture depicts Venus standing on a sea shell, that it looks as if she floated in on the shell from the ocean. The lines in this piece are curved horizontally and vertically.
A Sunday on La Grande Jatte, Georges Seurat, 1884-1886, From the collection of: The Art Institute of Chicago
This piece shows people that are enjoying themselves in the park on a Sunday. Some people are relaxing and enjoying the weather. The texture of this piece is rough and lines are curved. This piece displays different colors with all types of hues.
Undergrowth with Two Figures, Vincent van Gogh (Dutch, b.1853, d.1890), 1890, From the collection of: Cincinnati Art Museum
This picture shows a couple standing in tall grass in the middle of the woods. Most of the lines in this piece are vertical which are mostly trees. The artist creates movement with the grass very well. It looks as if the wind is blowing. The artist also creates depth with woods it looks as if it goes a long way into the background.
Young Girl Carrying a Pumpkin, Fausto Zonaro, 1889, From the collection of: Sakıp Sabancı Museum
This piece is a very realistic piece. This piece shows a young girl carrying a pumpkin through a flower garden. The colors are more of a rustic color with very subtle hues.
Delightful Land (Te Nave Nave Fenua), Paul Gauguin, 1892, From the collection of: Ohara Museum of Art
This piece shows a variety of bright colors across the color wheel. This piece shows a young lady that is enjoying life and the land around her. The lines in this piece are vertical, curved and horizontal.
Apple Harvest, Camille Pissarro, 1888, From the collection of: Dallas Museum of Art
This piece shows a hard working family that is harvesting apples. Some of the apples have fallen to the ground and some are still in the tree. This piece also shows movement of the grass and looks as if it has a rough texture. There are many colors in this piece with the light hues to show the sun in the sky.
The Hungry Lion Attacking An Antelope, Henri Rousseau, 1898-1905, From the collection of: Fondation Beyeler
There is a very smooth type pattern in this piece. With the color green in most of the space. In this piece it shows a lion catching its prey. The lines in this piece is horizontal and vertical. The piece is proportioned around the antelope and the lion.
Cupid and Pan, Federico Zuccaro, about 1600, From the collection of: The J. Paul Getty Museum
This piece shows a community of cupids, with one cupid flying across the water. Looks as if the cupids are fighting with one another and upset because they can't fly. The colors in this piece are very vibrant and colorful. The different hues are depicted in the sky with a clear forecast.
River Ice, John Fulton Folinsbee, ca. 1936, From the collection of: James A. Michener Art Museum
This piece shows a river after cold ice storm. The colors are not vibrant because it is winter. The lines are vertical and horizontal. The piece has a brushstroke pattern that makes it look like a rough pattern.
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