The Alchemist Paintings

While I was reading some passages in "The Alchemist", these pictures reminded me of the passages in the story. The pictures are a representation of the story and some of the most important parts of the story. 

This painting is a desert with lots of wind surrounding it. It is so windy that you can hardly see the palm tree or the nearby village in the distance. The palm tree in the picture would represent the horse in the passage because when the wind stops, you will be able to see them. There looks like there is no life in the desert but there could always be someone like Santiago in the desert hiding, waiting for the storm to end.
This picture is shows peace with the shepherd and their sheep and this picture looks so calm. The shepherd holding the harp shows elegance throughout his music. The way the shepherd plays the harp mesmerizes his flock just like Santiago does when he tells his sheep stories. Everyone might think that the sheep can't hear them and that they are probably just talking to themselves but just like babies, the sheep can hear every word that you say.
This painting shows how lonely Gypsies can be as well as how much travelling they can do. This painting of a man, wagon, and Gypsy woman, represents Santiago going to see the Gypsy woman in Tarifa. Santiago heard that they travel a lot and the tiny wagon would represent that. The Gypsy is talking to the man in the picture like she was talking to Santiago but Santiago talked about dreams. The man could be talking about anything. A Gypsy is kind of like someone that you can talk to for advice, just like anyone who is older who went through the same experiences as you.
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