Symmetrical Perfection

This gallery will be devoted to art that contains perfect vertical symmetry in the piece to create perfectly, or nearly perfectly mirrored images.

I chose this piece because the images shows a beautiful use of nearly perfectly symmetrical images while also making the transition from one side to the other clear with no lines or breaks.
I choose this piece merely due to the presence of the absolutely perfect image of the butterfly in the lower section. Both sides are perfectly identical in every way.
This piece is present again because it shows flawless vertical symmetry in something so simple as a piece of furniture.
As with the image before this one, this chair shows perfect symmetry across its entire design, comparing well with the butterfly above it which are known for their beauty.
I chose the piece because it shows perfect vertical symmetry across all aspects of the house, with the only offset being the shadows which help define its perfection even more.
This image was chosen because it is a perfect example of vertical symmetry on a physical object, with the rounded edges being worked with in beautiful fashion.
This image was added because, while the entire image is not perfectly symmetrical, it uses the perfection to draw the eye to a certain area of the canvas.
This image may seem out of place, but it is here because I felt it showed how well nature can create its own symmetry, while maintaining its normal almost random pattern.
This piece is another example of perfect symmetry on a physical object. With no deviation present at all from a frontal perspective, it helps adds beauty to what some may see as a rather dull.
This image was picked both because of its interesting design and its perfect representation of vertical symmetry.
THis piece stands out to me from the others as while the symmetry of most seem to add to the beauty, its presence here actually adds intimidation to the piece.
While perfect patterns are common amongst textiles, I felt this one still deserved a place as it has potential for multiple instances of perfect symmetry if the pattern had continued.
I added this piece because I thought it was interesting how at first glance I did not notice the damage present since my mind seemed to fill in the holes because of what was present on the other side.
This piece is particularly interesting to me because of the unique perspective of its symmetry in that it is perfect from all angles.
I chose this image because it seemed unique in that it seems perfect at first glance, but upon a second look you can seek that it is not perfect, while still maintaining that illusion.