Renaissance Perspective

-ink wash-painting,an East Asian type of brush painting that uses black ink -Granada-a city and capital of the province Granada in Spain -Naples-the capital of the Italian region Campania -Burgos-a city in northern Spain -cathedral-the principal church of a diocese, containing the bishop's throne.
-Greco roman-relating to teh aincience greeks and romans -antiquity-the ancienct past -virtuous-having or showing high moral standards -commemoration-remembrance -Florence-capital city ofTuscany and of the province of Florence
-Urbino-a walled city in Ital -variance-quality of being different -spatial-of or relating to space -intarsia-method of knitting with a number of colors -cupola-a small dome
-friar-a member of any of certain religious orders of men -facade-the face of a building -crucifix-a representation of a cross with a figure of Jesus Christ on it. -tempera-a method of painting with pigments dispersed in an emulsion miscible with water, typically egg yolk -pulpit-raised platform
-trompe-l'oeil-visual allusion -oil on canvas-the process of painting with pigments that are bound with a medium of drying oil -de jardins-french for the garden -Salon-reception room of a palace -commissioned-authorize
-oil on panel-painting made on a flat panel made of wood Burslem-known as the Mother Town in the midlands of England -inscription-words inscribed on a book -logia-a saying attributed to jesus -engaged column-column embedded in a wall and partly projecting from the surface of the wall
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