Natures Sides of Blue

In this gallery I wanted to gather drawings or paintings that had a strong blue color. I also wanted to select pieces that was related to nature. This could be its beauty or destruction. Altogether, I collected all these pieces that shared those two traits. I share my thoughts on the picture as well.

I selected this picture because of the style in which it is laid out. It almost feels like its rain falling down in the shape of a picture. The choice the artist took in creating this piece really grabs the eye.
I selected this piece because of relaxing it felt to look at. The brush strokes give it a calming feeling as it almost shows the motion of the wind, clouds and grass.
When I look at this piece it makes me think of where our future is headed. Away from nature into something more machine-like. When I look at this, the dark blue makes it look creepy. The overall picture looks like a robot being build in a factory. Maybe humans were taken over? It's just the feeling that the color gives me. Despair.
In this piece, the color blue is dominate. It feels like it shows just how cold it really is there for that man. The way the landscape is texture makes you see what looks like snow blowing off the mountains. Just looking at it makes me feel cold.
I liked this picture because of the way the waves are textured. Brings the sound of the beach to my ears as I see the water hit the rocks. The style in which it was drawn really makes it seem like the waves are crashing against the rocks.
I enjoyed this picture because of the style in was done in. Little dots put together to form one big picture. On top of that its mostly done in shades of blue, which is interesting.
A classic picture. I love the way he textured this picture to make the wind feel like its blowing. Its a nice effect that the stars and moon both shine farther than their placement as well. Pictures in motion often catch the eye.
Another by Vincent that I enjoy. It uses a similar texture as The Starry Night although more still. The way he makes the water ripple is what really catches the eye. The shades of blue make this feel as if it was a very peaceful night.
Top down view of a pound. The way the artist uses the shades of blue make it feel as if you can look down into the water. Another nice piece that helps calm the body.
This picture reminded me of Starry night. The night setting and almost rippling water. What made this stand out was the sky. Using blues and greys the sky seems to be moving. Like a storm coming in. This texture makes it feel like the calm before a storm.
The mountain grabbed my attention right away. The way they used the blue and white to make a fog-like scene in the background adds. The colors overall make the picture feel dominating.
Another peaceful night. The way the shades of blue reflect with the white form the moon are very nicely done. It is also nice how the land kinda fades into the night sky as if shadow of the night is being cast onto the land.
The colors in this beautiful picture is what grabbed me right away. All the different shades mix together perfectly and the scene is pretty. The choice to use such a bright red is daring, but it works.
My most favorite out of all the pictures I picked. The texture, shading and over colors bring this picture to life like I've never seen. It feels as if the waves are crashing together, being violent and creating the waterfall it shows.
Similar to the first picture in this gallery, its use of random shapes and colors to form a picture is very interesting. You can makes out a mountain in the middle with what looks to be snow on it. The fact that simple shapes created an outline for our eyes to fill in is amazing.
Vincent's work is some that I enjoy a lot. I picked this piece because of how the waves look as if they're in motion. The mix of blues, whites and greens to make it have the full effect. The picture, like most of his do, feels alive.
I choose this because I didn't know what it was at first. It caught my eye just because of that. I finally saw that the piece was looking out into what seems the sky on a snowy day. I soon found out I was wrong and its really a beach. The way that the blues are used makes this picture have different interpretation.
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