Masterworks V: Literal and aesthetic landscape of art- 1840-1888 - Barbizon to symbolism

Au plein air begins - tubed paints/transport. "Corot's landscapees often peopled with bathers... and allegorical figures... [He} employed a small range of colours, often using soft coloured greys and blue-greens, with spots of colour confined to the clothing of the figures. Topographical detail was suppressed in favour of mood and atmosphere, above all in his ‘souvenirs’, which were based on memories of real landscapes." (from National Gallery of London summary.)
What compositional influences are brought to bear here?
Haute Impressionisme. Notice compositional choices sky vs. land/trees. Light, air. Presence of man in space, even if not the focal point
Light, air! Only possible outside. Building on Corot. Monet portrayed what he SAW, "according to his personal impressions," rejecting the 'rules.' . Capturing a fleetig moment in time - light, subtle movement... Little visual relief/chiaroscuro. Short, quick, brushstroke to capture movement. Influence of colour theory - juxaposition of primary/complementary colours.
Brittany/Atlantic coast. Dark palette - browns, deep blues, purples. High horizon (barely 1/5 of picture plane). Brushstroke - white for turbulence, loose, short strokes that build up rocks - physicality.
Au plein air, like impressionists. C distances himself from Impressionism. Moves to Marseille.Notice: Cézanne's light palette/luminosity, horizon, brushstroke - here geometric form vs. Monet's physical sensations/impressions.
Impressionism become Divisionist. Uber Colour theory - individual brush strokes laying down optical contrast of colour. Reintroducing FORM in the landscape - not a priority of impressionists - 'intellectual approach'.
Painted on a cigar box lid! (28x22 cm 11x9") This IS a landscape - subtitle is: "Landscape of the Bois d"Amour, Pont-Aven." Straight out of tube colour. Symbolist/Cloisonnist work - pure sensation of colour - not impression, but profound personal feeling.
Cézanne's beloved Mont Ste. Victoire. Here precursor of Cubism - His manta: "treat nature by the cylinder, the sphere, the cone...."
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