Dreams and Landscapes by Jared Chaviano

The theme presented here is that of landscapes and scenery, or at the very least relative to it. I chose this theme mainly because I'd like to become a digital landscape artist for movies and film. Like many others before me, these paintings and photographs have inspired me to push myself and want to create my own new worlds.

This painting depicts a gorgeous sunset over Yosemite Valley. Bradford's use of bright and dark colors create a stunning contrast and do a tremendous job capturing the likeness of a sunset's true colors. Bradford does a great job with his composition where each angle draws you back to look at the sunset's brightest point in the middle of the canvas. I chose this piece of artwork for my landscape theme because of the artist's use of contrast in color.
Here we have a peaceful woodland glade, Richards uses great use of space by filling in the entire plane and giving off a sense of warmth and comfort. The use of beautiful greenery gives a very welcoming and cozy aspect to it as well as calm and serene. The main reason I chose this painting for my landscape theme was because of how well it portrayed a mellow woodland setting. It is almost as if by looking at it one could imagine themselves drifting off to sleep or in a dream like state.
What first attracted me to this art piece was the creepy overtone that emits from the canvas. Immediately one can get a sense of eeriness and creepiness from viewing this too long. Here we see an abbey that appears to be destroyed being surrounded by what seem to be dead oak trees. I originally chose this artwork for my theme because I loved the use of negative space, but also because I can't believe how well the artist was able to capture that sense of sadness and darkness in his work.
In this photograph we see a panorama of Pogue's landscape where we can see a lot of unity and even some pattern. The composition is what really drew me to this photograph. I love how the artist was able to capture the reflection of the mountains perfectly through the lake and create an even and symmetrical masterpiece. I chose this photograph for my landscape because of use of symmetry and composition.
Here we see great mountains and scenery of the Great Teton National Park. This painting really makes you feel like you are there and observing this beautiful moment in nature. Bierstadt's use of light and dark colors as well as shadows helps put everything in proper perspective. The shadows help portray the mountain's greatness where on one side light is not able to shine through due to it's mass. I chose this painting for my theme simply because of the majesty and scale of the art piece. It looks almost like a photograph in that it precisely captures every moment and detail.
Here we have another beautiful spring landscape. This one is by far one of my favorites. Goto's use of blues really drew me to this magnificent piece. Even through a somewhat 2D style of artwork Goto was still able to give his artwork depth and dimension. One aspect I enjoyed about this was his use of scale. Trees in the forefront appear larger and rocks and mountains appear smaller as it recedes helping to give it a sense of depth. The main reason I chose this piece as part of my theme is that it was quite different than the other landscape pieces in that it's colors give off a different vibe altogether.
In this work of art we see Thomas Cole's portrayal of the Garden of Eden. Thomas Cole is one of my favorite landscape painters and does a great job envisioning a prosperous and lush forest like the Garden of Eden would have been. I appreciate the composition and it reminds me a lot of Leonardo DaVinci's Last Supper in that it shows one point perspective where your eyes are constantly drawn to the one, almost transparent, mountain towards the middle. Good composition was the main reason I chose this piece as part of my art gallery.
Here we see seven riders on horseback lost in a snowstorm. I love this piece mainly because of the way Russell was able to work all these wonderful colors into the clothing of the people while placing them on a pure white snowy canvas. It really helps the colors pop all while not becoming overwhelming. Even the painted horse, being half white, sticks out like a sore thumb. I chose this painting because of the amazing array of colors and untiy this art piece brings.
Here we vaguely see three people on camel back near the Nile River. What first stood out to me in this piece was the fantastic way Frere used silhouettes. It's incredible what he was able to accomplish without overloading it with features. In fact, the lack of detail combined with its subtle shadows and color really help give it its own kind of realism. Though you don't see too many details there is still plenty to see and hunt for in this painting, such as the pyramids at Giza in the background. The low tones and simpleness of this artwork is what made me chose this piece as one for my landscape theme.
Castle On The River by Karl Friedrich Schinkel had me staring at it for a long time. Here's a painting with plenty of contrast, detail, and perspective. Atmospheric perspective can be seen when looking at the mountains far away compared to the tree placed almost directly in the middle of the painting. We can see what appears to be children near a garden and a stag to the left. I get a sense of symbolism when viewing this artwork and love Schinkel's use of shadows and scale to make his artwork believable. The reason I chose this artwork for my gallery was of its excellent example of atmospheric perspective.
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