My theme is the in depth effect the planning, the action and the aftermath that World War II had on people worldwide as well as artist creative mindsets.

D-Day Preparations (Briefings), Barnett Freedman, 1944, From the collection of: Ben Uri Gallery
Because the preparation for D-Day was so crucial, there where a number of meetings. This painting illustrates the minds behind the English war effort on the dramatic day on the beach. The pale tones seem to almost expose a very raw and heavy future ahead that these people planning will always have to carry.
Operation of Local Value near Stalingrad, Gabyshev Lev Mikhailovitch, 1942/1942, From the collection of: The National Art Museum of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)
This piece is something that illustrates the shock everyone felt during the attacks on England during the second world war. It shows a brit, running away injured with a look of surprise and terror. He is running from his homeland which the Nazi's have overtaken. No one had successfully invaded England, so when this happened, it came as quite a shock, as expressed on the soldiers face.
Preparations for D-Day, Eurich, Richard Ernst (RA), 1944, From the collection of: Imperial War Museums
This is the preparation or D-Day as German tanks prepare to battle. As these tanks and soldiers get into position, many of them may not ever return. The dry tones of the painting represent the bleak future ahead of these people. The color tones accentuate the tone that the overall war held. It is a very sad painting, yet, something tho hold with pride.
These propaganda posters express the full force of the war at hand. Tanks rolling over flags, representing successful takeovers. Peoples countries are being overthrown and waitron people have no where to call home. The high contrast really expresses the hostility of the time.
War in Hawaiian Water. Japanese Torpedoes Attack Battleship Row, Pearl Harbor, Japanese, December 7, 1941, From the collection of: The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston
This photo captures the day the US were brought into the war. The color tones fit the mood in this photo. As the ships sink into the darkness of the harbor. This sad and dark blue photo really shows how sad this event was.
Sailors at Naval Air Station Ford Island Watch as USS SHAW Explodes, Pearl Harbor Pearl Harbor Bombing, American, 7-Dec-41, From the collection of: The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston
War destructions, Foto: AMH, Second World War, From the collection of: Hamburg Archaeological Museum
This photograph of the helmet contains a lot of information. The rust on it, adds age, but the damage tells a story. The man wearing this helmet most likely died in it. It seems to have gone through some explosions or heavy bird of machine gun fire. After all this time, it keeps the life of the time period alive.
The citadel, James GLEESON, 1945, From the collection of: National Gallery of Australia, Canberra
This painting is very strange. It gives me a sick feeling. I think this mirrors the details of this war perfectly because there were a lot of ice things going on. The misplaced face reminds me of all the violence in the battle fields as well as in the concentration camps.
Liberation and Battle of France: Jig Beach looking towards Le Hamel, 7th June 1944, Gross, Anthony (CBE) (RA), 1944, From the collection of: Imperial War Museums
This sketch is very interesting to me. It has a sense of incompletion, just as Europe had been torn apart and was effectively incomplete. The dry and grey tones look like smoke, which fits after such a magnificent battle.
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