nature at its finest!

This gallery is about nature and how beautiful it can be both natural and unnatural. Also tried to stick with paintings of some sort with a water feature in them. All paintings are realistic and mostly of actual places that I would love to see in person. 

This painting may not show a water feature but it is nature at its finest. The mountains are strong and have a huge sense of beauty to them as the sky is opening up for the sun rays to kiss the blanket of snow amongst the mt.
This painting is the odd ball out. It may not be a forest or much of nature but the way the sky sweeps over this town is beauty within itself. I do however find the town to be a work of art. I love the fact that this painting looks as though it could be a picture of a bustling town.
I believe the main focus of this painting is the canyon. It is painted with beautiful yellows, browns, and goldish colors. The waterfall in the far back brings out the colors even further. It is painted as though we could be standing there in person viewing such beauty.
I whole heartedly would have to say the focus on this painting is the way the sun is setting behind the Mt's and reflecting on the water below. The sunset really brings this painting to life.
This painting is peaceful and relaxing. It makes me think of taking a walk on a cool autumn day to view the changing of the trees. It is beautiful that the painter captured a perfect autumn day.
I have a thing about Mt's, I believe they are some of the most beautiful parts of nature. these Mt's here are even prettier because the stream the runs through and off the top of the one to the right. The field below brings color to the painting and makes it pop.
This painting reminds me of home (Abingdon, Va). The way the mountain is overlooking the water takes me back to Blackrock Mt in Damascus Va. Blackrock overlooks Alvarado river and both a just stunning to look at.
I picked this painting because it again reminds me of an autumn day on the lake. The bright colors reflecting on flowing water is so serene. I wish I was at this lake fishing and relaxing taking in all the fresh and beauty this spot has to offer.
The falls is this painting are stunning. It is as though the water is trickling down the river and over each bank to the lake below. With the added trees this painting is a perfect example of nature at its finest.
I picked this painting because it shows how fast nature can change. One moment is bright and beautiful and then next a big nasty storm comes rolling in.
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