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Every age projects its own images into its art. The Romantic period lasted from around 1800 to 1850. This period was characterized mainly by a glorification of emotions and the use of reaction against heroism, the supernatural, and patriotism. There was an extreme emphasis on feeling rather than reason. The Romantic period was also characterized by its use of color as a way to show what was occurring or what was going to occur in the art pieces. Two major artists of the Romantic period whose artwork continues to influence the world today is Samuel Scott and Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot. These artists focused on the glorification of the past and the emphasis on feeling in their paintings rather than reason.

In this painting by Scott he portrays a beautiful landscape with a castle being the main focus point in the painting. Scott uses the color within the painting to show great detail and accentuate the beauty of the castle and the nature surrounding it. If you look closely in the bottom left-hand corner is a man walking through the forest on what looks to be a pathway.
Scott shows great detail in the brick work of the arches of the bridge and he uses color within the painting to put focus on certain pieces in the painting. In the bottom right-hand corner of the painting you will see two men swimming. Also in the boat of the left-hand corner there you will see a man smoking what appears to be a cigar. Scott had to use precise work to portray these in the painting.
In this painting Scott shows a battle between the British and some others but the British flag can be clearly seen on a few of the ships flags. Scott shows detail in the boats and sails. He also uses color in the painting to show the extreme destruction of the battle.
This painting by Scott is beautiful. His use of color shows that the day must have been perfect weather, the sun is shining and the sky is blue. Scott shows great detail throughout the painting especially in the boats and the town buildings in the background.
This painting by Corot shows the glorification of landscapes. This shows great detail within the houses and trees. Also in the center of the painting by the house there is a horse eating grass in you look closely.
Corot shows the beauty in this painting in the landscape and the castle in the background. In the boat that appears to be docking at the beginning of the forest there are two people getting off the boat. Throughout the painting Corot shows extreme detail and energy with the choices of color used in the painting.
Corot again shows the glorification of beautiful landscapes during the Romantic era. In the background of the painting Corot depicts a man herding three cows into the area, while there is already one standing by the water. Corot depicts the beauty of the painting by his choice of colors.
Corot depicts extreme detail throughout this painting, in Orpheus leading Eurydice from the underworld. Corot also sets a mood within this painting by his choices of color and where he places lights and darks throughout the painting. Overall Corot depicts the glorification of landscapes and the beauty within the painting while also setting the mood of worry and wonder.
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