Gallery Of Line: Aaron benitez

This artwork from Robert Delaunay represents the power and strength represented by vertical lines. The lines that make the outline of the tower point upwards, making the tower the center of attention as it is the tallest thing in it. The shear size of it makes the other buildings dwarf when comparison to the Eiffel Tower. As it goes beyond the clouds, the artist made it clear that the Eiffel Tower is the dominant part of this piece through his use of vertical lines.
This portrait from Albert Edelfelt clearly shows the use of horizontal lines. He made a clear line that divides the land from water and water from the sky. The added details of the stillness of water and reflection of the land on the water add on to the message of peacefulness the horizontal line represents.
This painting done by Auguste Renoir uses the meaning behind diagonal lines. There is a feeling of movement and life taking place within this work, the meaning of a diagonal line.
Thick lines are an element that is shown in this piece of artwork. From the look of it, the thick lines on the build give it a sturdy, strong looks to it, along with the surrounding rocks around that. This clearly shows the artist knew how to use thick lines within it.
This 4,000 year old piece of work uses thin lines within it. The way Kano Eino draws the flowers within it give it a dainty and elegant look to it, the meaning represented through thin lines. The beauty represented in this scene clearly is shown through thin lines.
This piece shows the use of concentration within it. The direction at which the street line goes leads to one main building found in the center. This draws the eye of the spectator towards the building, making that the center of attention. All lines to the sides of the piece lead to the building in the center, making that the center of concentration.
This piece contains the element of sparse lines. In the background, out of the focus of the darkly drawn bamboo shoots, contains thinly drawn leaves. The thinness of the lines is from the artist using sparse lines,giving it a sort of hidden design from the main focal point.
This sketch work shows focus within it. The shrinking of the ceiling makes the view's eye be drawn down into it, following the descending ceiling. That then makes the center of the painting the Focus of it, since the eye is focused to go to it.
This famously well known painting from Van Gogh give a clear element of curved lines. The feeling of calmness is shown in this painting of "The Starry Night". The night sky itself is fully comprised of curvy lines, with the graceful motion of it is seen as well. Van Gogh showed clear usage of this element in this peaceful piece.
This serene scene of a forest by Van Gogh displays the element of texture. Within the light colors of the forest floor, he used light, long strokes to make the grass. This makes the grass look frail, thus giving the floor a soft, thread like texture to it.
This portrait sketchwork shows the use of contour lines. It's a simplistic drawing of a portrait, with it being just an outline with little details. This is what a contour line in art is like.
This painting demonstrates the use of actual lines. He draws trees within this scene of his painting, and trees has their branches that are natural actual lines found in nature. So, because of this. all the trees within this work has actual lines.
This painting or war demonstrates the use of implied lines. Within it, there are figures standing in a group. These figures are all darkened out, yet you can tell that they are people. Even without all the detail, like a face, you can still see that the artist implied that they are people through the silhouettes.
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