Women in the world

Thought history and novels of the world women are treated in different ways. Women are seen as inferior and superior, they are constrained yet open to the world. Women have come far in the world and have overcome many challenges. Throughout novels in history women played different roles in society. Women have played small roles in the world while it took one woman to create the world. Women's roles in society can not be ignored and  should be recognized. It is easy to see how far women have come and are someone and how different religions see a woman's place in society. 

Luring women: Epic of Gilgamesh has a strong theme on men but this idea of where woman stand in society still shows strongly. With out the harlet Enkedu would had never left the forest.
Persepolis has a strong notion on women not seen as equal to men. This shows true when the women are forced to wear the head dresses to cover themselves.
Women like men: Freud has so many theories that place women in a section of society he explains penis envy of how women wish to have a penis showing their inferiority in society.
How we came to be: As many know the creation story they also know that we would not be here without eve.
Woman create us all: Eve was just as important as adam when it came to the creation story.
We are equal: The Daodejing does not really have a place for women in society is it more about hoe to live life and reflection on how oneself lives life
Stand with men: women were to live their life just the dame when following the Daodejing. they were placed in the same standings.
Lack of women: Plato does not really talk about women but by doing that shows the place for women. Men are superior at this time they run the courts and the town, women are subordinate.
birthed us all: While in the bible Jesus is superior The Virgin Mary is a major focus, without her the story would not be as is we know it. She is needed for life.
Men above women: The Koran is a big example of the insuperiorness of women in history. Women are not seen as equal and if she dies childless there are changes on who gets all of her stuff.
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