Ancient Greek Art

The development of Art has gradually changed over the years. Here is a brief yet insightful expedition on the Greeks influence across the Aegean.

Cycladic art was known to make sculptures of women with their arms covering their stomach. The sculptures were used to depict some natural or some idealistic proportions of the Cycladic culture.
Minoans used such sculpting skills to create something to meet their basic needs and as gifts of worship to their gods.
Mycenaean figurines commonly have their arms raised in expressing their supplication to their gods.
Archaic Greek ceramics began the design of red and black figure pottery, usually displaying their gods and high authority figures in correct proportions.
Classical Greek sculptures resemble a more calm and realistic form of humanity in that time period.
Hellenistic Greek Art was adapted, some even copied, from earlier styles. Yet they made some innovations, such as new representations of gods in a more realistic yet respected way.
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