Second Perspectives- Skylar Mann

Second Perspectives takes a look at everyday parts of life with an unusual twist. It approaches common aspects we pass or experience routinely but with a new perspective. With technology at our fingertips and our heads always looking down at our phones, these pictures portray things we find mundane with a different view. 

Depicted here is a young man leaning over the railing of a tall building. A busy city hustles and bustles below him. The man is dressed fancy and pensive in thought, as if he is looking for someone or something. I think this fits into my theme perfectly because it is taken at an angle that is not how you would usually view this scenario. The color is black and white and there is movement in the photo. I know this is not a painting, but there is so much art to photography I had to include a few of my favorites I found while searching.
Here 2 people sit at a restaurant, a bottle of wine on the table and one glass. The colors and vibrant and bold and there is a lot of movement to the photo. This painting is an unusual take on the setting.
Here a car is driving in what seems to be a desert, and approaches a person walking in the same direction. I like that it shows the drivers point of view and the lines from the road.
I like this painting because it observes people milling around an area, all with a story and all a place to be. The colors are more mellow and blend together nicely.
This painting depicts a group of people sitting around a tent. They look bored or as if they are waiting for something. The dress was so different back then and that is something that I have always taken to. The color is in a sepia/black and white tone.
Here people are walking to and from over a bridge in a city. There is a lot of variety to this painting. The movement of the lines is very heavy as well.
This is a photo of a man in front of a store looking off into the distance. He is dressed normally and has a jacket on. Again, this is of a different perspective and makes you wonder what he is thinking about and looking at.
This painting shows a man looking at a piece of art in a gallery. This is my favorite piece and example of this project. It is exactly what I am trying to show with different perpesctives and has such awesome texture and colors to it.
This is of a man and a woman, running either away or towards each other. I guess that is something we will never know. It is in black and white.
Here is a view into the lives of people in a tall city building. Only one person is home and they are able to be seen. The colors are very monotone and this is a view that is not normally seen, especially in FL. I like the proportions of the squares.
Credits: All media
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