Byala and the sea

Museum exhibition "Byala and the Sea" is created within the project "Protection and conservation of fishing traditions and cultural heritage throughout the development of tourist attractions directly related to fisheries" by the Municipal Cultural Institute /Museum/ - Byala, Bulgaria. The exhibition presents the fisheries, maritime history, culture and archeology of Byala Municipality's region from the Greek colonization of the Western Black Sea coast (4th century B.C.) to the Late Antiquity (early 7th century A.D.). The exhibition "Byala and the Sea" is presented by amphorae, amphora stamps, utensils for serving fish - ihtii, dishes for cooking fish, storage containers for salted fish (4th-1st centuries B.C.), imported pottery (4th-7th centuries A.D.), fishing tackle - fishing hooks, lead weights for fishing rods, ceramic weights for fishing nets, hooks for knitting fishing nets, antique harpoons, anchors for small fishing boats, etc. All artifacts presented in the exhibition are dated from Late Antiquity till the end of the Middle Ages. The aim of the exhibition is to present a glimpse into the lifestyle of the people who had been inhabiting the coast of today's Byala from Antiquity until the Middle Ages. The exhibition reveals the culture and life associated with sea fishing (still one of the main livelihoods in the region) and maritime trade, which had been extremely active in those ancient times and had allowed contact of the local inhabitants with remote cultures and civilizations. Exhibition "Byala and the Sea" is financed by the Operational Program for the Development of the Fishing Industry 2007-2013 through the European Fisheries Fund of the European Union and the Republic of Bulgaria.

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