For persuasion to sell the product.Visual rhetorics are used for effectiveness to deliver the message.

I heard the name of this car, but I believe that I have never seen it directly. This is made in USA, so the models are american. The red car and calm nature are harmonious
This is about the bicycle. The main character are a man and a woman. The man wears casual look. But, the woman may put on the traditional clothes. They ride bike peacefully. I can feel freedom
The center image is a pen. Surrounding to this, the illustration about the pen helps the customer make the decision to buy. I think this is not effective and visually capturing method.
This has simple message. And there is not main character. The big typography delivers clear message, and now is the opportunity for buying the victory bonds.
It is impressive that the falling jam of this pie stimulates my appetite. This has so moving impact. The spot has information of this pie such as date, and material.
I think this advertisement poster is somewhat strict. The message is organized in the imperative sentence. Also, the main character's face is so firm. Pretty woman, no smile.
This introduces the oil for mobile vehicle to us. The company shows us the situation of using this product. And main two characters form visual vectors. According to vector, we arrived at the product.
This is one of the graffiti in street. At first, I think this is about the promotion of rock concert. I guess that woman in painting may be celebrity, rocker. We can meet her in street.
Oh. This is 'the' woman riding bicycle. The traditional wearing woman and bike are not normal look, but we feel more freely condition. Atlas of typography is emphasized.
I don't know what this ad is about first. no emphasis, no colors, awkward pose. I guess the woman wearing swimwear prepares for diving. However where is she? why does she take that pose there?
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