federico's amazing landscapes

I really like the houses interior i think its modern but still maintains a certain character. Is this the photographers house? Where is the location this house.
I really like this statue because it look really simple but at the same time. How old id this? I think this statue was made b.c .
Carrefour.I think that the photographer went to Carrefour to take this photo. I do wonder why they need a ride to these specific location? I would never let these people in my car.
What a pitty .Why would someone do such a thing to a beautiful construction? did they ever rebuild this church?
looks like on of the painting that my aunt owns. How would you paint something like this? Why are almost all of these types of painting about mountains.
looks like some of the photographs that my grandfather would show me and then tell me the stories about behind them.Who is the man with the stick? I think that it looks like the painter was on a jeep.
looks like it came from amsterdam. Although i would like to know were this picture really was taken? This looks like one those places that you pass be quickly but never forgget
This reminds me of when i take walks with my grandfather.I wonder were the road is going to?
I like this painting because it somewhat looks like the hills in italy .I wonder who owned the old house before it fell to its ruins? I think that the photographer wanted to make the viewers feel relaxed.
I like it because reminds me of skiing with my family.Why are the trees pink?I'm pretty sure the painter wanted to make you feel like you were watching from inside a nice warm cabin on christmas day.
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