expression of pop culture

 Gallery by Eric Hughes                                                                    In my gallery you going to find work from artist that have that have influenced the emotions of there generation through there iconic works of art. My focus is on pop art manly focusing on the early 60s to present day. The artist in this collection are going to consist of different media backgrounds from canvas to skateboards.

The artist Hyung Koo painted a portrait of Dali in his 1998 piece. This work of art is defiantly consider pop art mostly dew to his subject matter of Dali being one of the early influnece in early pop art himself. He dose a really great job in this piece with his choice of texture which brings a rustic feel to it and his choice of facial expression which I see confidence and act of marching to his own drum in Dalis face.
This is a self portrait of Andy Warhol done in 1967. The piece is the essence of pop culture with Andy's famous style of use of negative spaces and color variation.
Funny Game which was done in 2001 by Choi Jeonghwa shows a deep message of a blind eye. This piece is defiantly pop culture because of its political message that he wants to get out to the masses. The picture is vary detailed most pop culture piece are a lot less complex but the realisticness real gives a deeper impact then if the subjects where simple shapes.
The next two pieces in my gallery are the same piece done on different styles of paper with the first one being on a blank piece of paper and the other done on a newspaper. Like most of the pieces in my gallery there subject is simple Done with its thin lines that appears to be drawn with a shaky hand. The artist Eduardo Arroyo draw this piece Baron de Coubertin in 1997
The artist Robert Bechtle captured the heart and soul of the seventies with this gran torino picture captured in 1974. You get the real feel of every day life of the 70s through the typical colors of the time period. He also dose a great job of keeping the background space clean and simple to draw your eyes to the main subject the car.
Burton Morris 2001 piece Olympic column is a great example of part pop on many levels. The simple shapes and colors makes the message easy to digest to your eyes. All this was made to represent a feeling you can relate to when you think of the olympics.
Douglas Miles 2005 skateboard is art at the root of one of the biggest pop art enthusiast communities which is skateboarding. The subject is a Apache-musician which task up the whole piece. The thick outline lines give the whole characteristic of the subject a cartooning feel.
This is one of many Banksy could possibly stumble upon any city. Banksy is consider to be one of the more influential pop artist of our time. His work like this piece are usually simple images with deep meaning. The child like innocence of the crayon textured house gives the pieces a deeper wrong full feel to the action going on in the work.
This is one of the most recognizable brands in the world thats been a big subject in pop culture for decades now. The artist for this bottle is Unkown but we know it was made some time within 1910-1916. The bottle is simple with the coke cola logo being the only subject on the bottle. When it comes to the intension of the piece though they nailed it with creating a simple objected that was vary recognizable.
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