Symmetry in the World of Art

This gallery shows that all materials in the world and all shapes can be found and shown in a symmetric form. From paintings to photos to pottery and every raw earth materials like metal.

This piece show the body shape on a 3d box but looked at in the right way show a perfect symmertical shape. 
This photo I wanted to be at the begining of my gallery because it is the perfect picture that shows the perfect symmetry I wanted to show in this gallery. 
This piture is in my gallery because it is has almost perfect symemtry with color and shape. I love symmetric space and shape.
This piece has a symmetric shape and sspace with both negative and opposing color.
I like this painting in my gallery because it has the same shp and same space inbetween each shape. It has three different shapes in the heads that are all different but takes up the same amount of space in each head.
This piece I just pivked because I loved the color in each it is beautiful color matching but every piece is the same shape and size.
I chose this piece beacuse this piece is very interesting to me, something so chaotic is in a shape and symmetric thoughout the square.
I like the negative and positive spaces in this peice it gives a symmetric shape i=to the piece even though it is using a household item. It give a sort of weird feeling to with how plan it is but it is a good type of weird.
This piece is amazing showing the vanishing point in an actual photograph. It shows symmerty with all the digging and the shapes of the dirt all down the side all having a vanashing point at the center of the piece.
I like the symmerty in this piece with both the buildings the people and the trees, even the space in the background is symmetric on both sides. 
Pottery is something I have tried before, I have tried to make pottery on the wheel and hand molded and can never get it symmetric like this piece here.The color, shape and birds painted on the sides are symmertic.
This is a wooden arch carved and cut with perfect symmerty, all the carvings in the wood is beautiful work carved perfectly.
The piece has perfect symmerty with the diamonds and flowers and the overall shape. Beautiful piece.
The metal shape has beautiful symmerty, I added this peice because in this gallery I wanted to put all the materials in this gallery showing that all materials can hold symmerty.
This piece has the material of paper folded in a perfect symmertic shape. Every shape in this piece matches is opposer.
Credits: All media
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