Freedom of Religion

Phoebe Wu, Christopher Chang, Brian Liu

The vases are like religions or beliefs from all over the world. Each vase ahs many peice that are put together to form this vase just like how each religion or belief is made up of different types of the religion and groups of people.
The Georgia Bill allows people to practice their religion without getting bothered by other people. The people here have gathered together to practice their religion and aren't bothering anyone since they are the only people there.
By practicing your religion anywhere, it can separate people because of the differences in religion. From far away this picture looks like the people are all together but if you look closely, there are barriers between people, making this amendment bad because it can make people in different religions sometimes enemies.
The gate here represents how Trump is not allowing Muslims to come to America. The gate is closed just like the Muslims aren't allowed here.
But also banning the Muslims from entering the US can be good for us. The shield shows how by banning the Muslims can protect us since Muslims were suspected of being part of the ISIS.
The roads crossing represent how the freedom of religion allows you to choose the religion you want. Some may connect with similar beliefs like how the roads meet. Some may be separated like the hands because of the difference in the beliefs.
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