The Beauty of Color

By: Markus Turner

This picture shows the relationship between colors in a reflection of light.
The chiaroscuro features on this image is fantastic and up to par. It compliments the colors that are around the image.
It has a good variety of colors and the poses are arranged perfectly.
I love the carving that is implemented on the picture. the color makes it pop out from what it actually is.
The color combinations are fantastic in this painting because it has multiples of the same colors instead of just a regular green or red.
The red color makes it pop out from the white because it is a very vibrant, glossy red.
I like how the color coalesces with the color of the face and everything around it.
The details of the picture is so good that the color makes the picture realistic.
The color coordination is good because the glossiness of the plate is making the ceramic nice.
The details and the colors are perfect to each other. the purple colors make the light colors on the person stand out because of how the color coorporates.
The variations of reds in the photo are amazing! it makes the picture more that just a picture.
The gold caption compliments the colors of the red which makes it a pretty photo and makes it realistic because of the shadows.
The picture looks like it's an inking painting but not at the same time.
The picture is amazing because of the reflection. It makes the realism beyond what it is even though it is a photograph.
I love the variety of colors that are shown in this image.
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