Era of Reform

James Porter

This is Elizabeth Cady Stanton and she was the one that was the that started the Seneca Falls Convention and she was that one that helped all of the women in the Unites States get the right to vote.
Harriet Tubman was an escape slave that helped run the Underground Railroad. She hated being a slaves so she escaped and she helped other people escape.
The Underground Railroad was an escape route for slaves.The slaves would escape and take this route South so they can continue living life and reproducing.Along this route there were people that helped
Factory life was tough in during the reform and people worked and worked and worked. They even had children. When the workers didn't work they punished them. Such as whipping them etc.
This is Frederick Douglass. He was an escape slave that helped other slaves and black people get more rights. He also became an abolitionist to help slaves escape, and he helped stop slavery.
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