Captured  divinity By Diabolique Ringwood

My gallery will display different works depicting divine beings.Also showing the different techniques used to add a sense of divines to the piece.Such as the different visual elements and principles of design.

The piece in this slide is a depiction of all the gods of Olympus going about their daily lives.You can see that artist made use of space for this piece so he was able place as many characters in as possible.While not having to sacrifice detail.In addition he uses different levels of line work to pronounce more characters than others.
The Piece in the picture is of the divine hero Ganymede of Troy. As he preforms his duties as cup-bearer of Olympus. The what is interesting use of line work of the statue. No real hard defining lines except on the torso and the piece of cloth.Also the texture of the marble in certain areas is also something to note. The body in whole maintain a flesh like texture and the jar maintains a glassy like finish.
This vase tells the story of how the mythical beast known as the Hydra was slain.This most important part of this piece would have the use of line work the artist chose. Using more geometric hard lines to give a sort of rough texture to the images on the pot.
This statue is of mercury whisking Psyche to Olympus to marry Cupid. The level of detail in the piece is due to the hard lines that where sculpted into the piece giving amazing muscle detail.In addition to adding more to the flesh like texture.
This pot tells the story of Delphic stealing the tripod from Apollo.The piece as a major use of emphasis on the two characters to really help tell the story of the picture.Also using space and line work to aid in the story telling.
This piece shows the gods and goddess atop Olympus relaxing. Since this a drawing you can she what role shading plays in the detail.AS there is more shading detail and harder lines used on the images in the foreground. An you notice these begin to become more blurry the further you get for the foreground.
This piece shows the goddess Venus and Mars caught having a affair.The artist really used emphasis in an amazing way.Using everything in the piece including Vulcan to draw your eyes to the two in the center.
This drawing depicts a war between the gods. Now while this piece does sacrifice a lot of line detail and shading I think that is what the artist was going for.Because the lack of detail really makes the piece feel like you are looking at a actual war.
The statue in the piece depicts the Roman god king Jupiter.Used amazing amount of detail in the lines etched in the statue to give a quality texture to the piece.In addition the use of bronze adds a nice shading detail to the statue as well.
The pot show the smith of the god returning home. As you may notice there is a lacking in line detail.However the artist makes up for this with the use of emphasis making Hephaestus lager in proportion to the other characters on the jar.
Credits: All media
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