Life during the great depression

The dust bowl was an agricultural, economic and social disaster that took place during the 1930's on the great plains. Poor farming practices, drought and high winds created useless farmland. Thousands of families had to move west to escape dust storms and find jobs
Farmers plowed the land which started the dust bowl. On the great plains there were no trees to break the wind and with the fresh plowed soil all of the topsoil was blown away. They particles formed into dust clouds which blew to the east coast.
During the great depression people became very poor and could not pay for food and water. Some families had sew their own clothes. Others could barely survive off of a women's salary if the men were layed off.
Men started gambling on the stock markets. They took money from the bank then spent it on stocks, the stocks then crashed and could not pay back the bank. The banks then could not pay the customers that put their money in the bank to save.
Some of the families depended on women to pay for the things they needed to survive. But they had to work long hard hours just to make enough money for spending. It was hard because women were not used to working as much and as hard as they had to during the great depression
Because of there being little to no work in the west men had to go east to find work. They had to go on the road and leave their families to try to find work. During the great depression job unemployment rates skyrocketed.
The Hoover dam was built to conserve water. During the great depression it provided water for the poor. It was also a big step in the direction of testing man's skills.
Those who could not find a job had to live off of what they could. That means that they did not have anywhere to live since they left their families. It was hard because the dust bowl pushed farmers out looking for jobs but the great depression struck and there were no jobs for them.
Herbert Hoover was the president of the U.S. stock market crashed. He told citizens to stay calm. He thought that it was just a passing incident in our national lives.
President Roosevelt cam into office and took charge of the situation. He tried to stabilize the economy and provide jobs and relief to those who were suffering. The government experimented programs called the new deal to bring dignity to Americans.
The Tennessee Valley Authority Act allowed dams to be built along the Tennessee River. The dams prevented flooding and provided a water source. They were also able to provide cheap electricity.
The government paid farmers to not raise crops. This was known as the Agriculture Adjustment Act. The government was hoping that without the surplus that prices would rise.
Next, Roosevelt launched the Works Progress Administration. The WPA was created to help create jobs. But they were not allowed to compete with private industry.
Many people believed in Roosevelt and he had succeeded. Even today Most of the new deal programs are still in affect such as the social security act. But a big question still remains, what if and when the stock market crashes, what will happen?
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