Patrician/ruler sculptures 

These sculptures span from Great emperors of Augustus and Marcus Aure to humble gladiators. These pieces span from 50 BC to late third century.  

this is when Augustus got his hair cut so he could bring together a divided Rome. This is when he was elected to be the first emperor of Rome.
This shows a gladiator in the midst of a fight at the coliseum.
This shows the Emperor Marcus Aurelius when he was the emperor of Rome.
This piece shows a elderly man he is probably a patrician and maybe a senate member.
this shows a big person in the roman culture. Also a Roman Emperor.
Another important figure in roman culture.
Another roman sculpture of a emperor who's name is Caracalla.
More head sculpture of roman emperor and his name is Caligula
A portrait of emperor Balbinus.
This show a young patrician boy. He is probably enlisted in the roman army because that is what they had to do as a son of a patrican
This piece is a mostly destroyed but it depicts the emperor Tiberius
This is another mostly destroyed but this time it is empress Plautilla.
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