7th grade research (Winslow homer)

Winslow Homer Was born in 1836. Who was born and raised in the Boston area in Massachusetts , In the first work he did In the field of art , was as a printmaker. Early in his career during 1861 in the spring he worked on oil paintings.Later on He was sent to work in Virginia as the front editor and design  chief for Harper's Weekly .  Some of the earliest paintings that he created, from the Civil War, date back to 1863, and are similar to the prints that he did, while working with the magazine. He found quite some inspiration for his pieces in seaside Massachusetts, New Jersey, the White Mountains areas, and similar smaller, rural towns. During the end of 1866, he made his way to a 10 month stay in Paris, France, working in the countryside, and taking advantage of the opportunity to see much of the work that had been portrayed in the region.Although there were no similarities in the work of Winslow Homer, and other French painters, he did share quite a few interests with painters and artists in the region. The inclusion of outdoor lighting in the works he created, serial imagery, the use of simple forms and simple strokes, were some of the interests that he took during this time he was in Paris, and the simple brush strokes that were present in the work he did during this period, was reflective in some of the pieces he created during this time.From the summer of 1883, until his death, Winslow Homer resided in a small town a few miles south of Portland; and, apart from a few trips in the US during his final years, spent most of his days in his new home. What drew me to his art were the landscapes. Also what drew me to this artist was the color in some of his landscapes.

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