Renaissance Art

By: Caroline Canales

1. I picked this painting becuase it speaks to his religion, Catholocism. In thispainting, Mary is floating over the people. 2. This painting is from the Renaissance time period because it shows movement. The painting also shows perspective. The people in the front are bigger then the people in the back, and it has a backround.
I picked this painting because it looks funny. Instead of people, they are goats. This artwork is from the Renaissance because it has facial expressions. Also, it is very detailed. These are the reasons why it is from the Renaissance time period.
I picked this painting because I love food. This painting has eople eating in it. This painting is a Renaissance art because is shows movement. Also, it has religion in it. Often times Renaissance art was religiously based.
I picked this painting because it shows how much the woman cares for her baby. This painting simply puts a smile on your face. This is a Renaissance artwork because is shows expression. Also, is shows movement that the mother is holding her baby and the baby is looking up to her mother.
Credits: All media
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