Beauty through Art

A gallery of beautiful and diversified pieces of art throughout different periods of time, art-forms, and ideas.

The medium of this painting is oil on canvas. The colors and contrast really appeal to my senses. I appreciate the tones of blue and the very subtle and light tones of red mixed in. I would classify this as non-representational abstract art because the idea of this painting is very difficult to define.
The medium in this painting is Oil on Canvas. I would classify this work as representational because of the realness of emotion depicted in this piece of art. I find a deep appeal to this painting because of the presence of emotion that is felt just by exploring the details of the artwork.
The medium of this art is photography. I would consider this photograph as figurative art. This photograph depicts a dragon in oddly bright colors which could have been created through a creative eye seeing something in an opposite from ordinary way. I enjoy this photograph because of the eye catching contrast of colors.
The medium of this abstract sculpture is clay. This piece of art is non-representational because it depicts the idea of an artist rather than a clear idea that can be seen from the naked eye. This sculpture specifically appealed to me because the title of it is "Flat Stamp". A concept that I did not realize existed in earlier times.
Although i am unsure of the medium of this picture I chose to keep it in my gallery because of the beauty of his painting. If i had to guess the medium I would say it is a watercolor piece. The technique of brush strokes really express immense talent of Emmanuel Zamor. This art is representational but the significant thing about this painting is that it was painted to express the way the artist viewed the beauty of this landscape.
The medium of this art is pottery which was molded and painted . This piece reflects non-representational art. This piece of pottery expresses the creativity within the artists mind and how he views the subject matter. I appreciate this piece because it is simple yet beautifully created and carefully molded creating a smooth texture in order to portray the artists personal representation.
I would consider this piece of art with the medium of steel non-representational because although it depicts an idea or portrayal of something it is not necessarily realistic. This steel sculpture appeals to me because of the deep appreciation of Buddha during this time period.
The medium of this drawing is red chalk. I would consider this piece representational because it reflects a real image. I love this image because of the detailing . You can clearly make out the body parts and details of the muscles and facial features even though it is not sharp and bold lines.
The medium of this furnishing is wood. I would classify this as representational because it is apparent that it tells a story of the people illustrated to the left. This is very interesting to me because by simply looking at this piece I would have thought it was either gold plated metal or gold. Instead, it is wood with gold leaf coloring.
The medium of this artwork is fired clay bricks with polychrome glaze and moulded relief in parts, as described in the details of this collection piece. This is a representational piece of art. I appreciate this work of art due to the piecing together of materials in order to create an image.
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