The Women of America

This gallery explores what was expected of women and what the results were. Women were supposed to be creatures of feeling, while men were creatures of reason. However, an accomplished woman did not have much to do with her life because she could not "go out in the world" like a man could. So... women started reading more, writing, forming opinions and arguments... while the lower class women worked to try to support their families.

Women were expected to be accomplished and refined in the arts. This woman is playing the piano, surrounded by flowers and art.
Another example of a woman being a homemaker and... just looking beautiful.
This painting shows women happily spending time dancing and picking flowers on a beautiful spring day. This emphasizes how women were viewed as delicate creatures and were supposed to exist to please others.
However... being accomplished meant lonely, idle hours. A woman was supposed to sit back and look lovely, but that meant that women got bored at home. Of course, this applied to women who were of a higher class. Working women did not have the pleasure of idle hours.
Another piece (shown in the Smithsoneon Museum) depicting how upper class women were bored, despite their accomplishments in the areas of arts.
For this reason, women read and tried to educate themselves so that they could do other things with their lives. Some female writers started movements for female rights and wrote about how women deserved what men deserved.
A woman's place was in the home, caring for the children. Women wanted more than that though, and it fueled a long debate about what rights a woman was/wasn't entitled to.
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