Green In The Trees

In this gallery we can see the color green used in 15 different art pieces by 15 different artist. But the color green isn't just a color on the artwork. The color green in these art pieces is used on the trees, so lets take a look at great environment art.

I chose this one because a lot of green is used here to represent different types of forestation.
In this art piece we can see the green used on the fields below, but darker shades used in the trees. I like how the color yellow really makes the green stand out and vice versa.
I chose this art piece because green here is used on many different textures of leaves. The artist does a good job using light greens and dark greens to portray this texture. 
I chose this art piece cause I wanted to show the trees in a different season. The trees are not bright green all year around, in this picture the trees of the mountain have dark green colors with a red tint to them.
I chose this art piece because it was my favorite. I really liked how the green and blue combined. The grey and white all accent the blue and green colors.
Here we can see green again in the back round. The green almost seems to be flat though, its used to create a horizon line as well as draw perspective.
I chose this art piece because the green in the bushes here is used more strongly as shade to give shape to the bushes,
The heavy greens colors in this art piece show a dark side of the color green, almost as if you can see how thick the forest is without even having to walk inside.
I chose the green here because the artist has shown that you can make a thick jungle.
The artist has used green here to relate a calm and peaceful setting, You can almost barely see the human figure standing behind the bush.
I chose this art piece because I wanted to show the color green being used to brighten a dry setting.
There is so much green on the fields in this art piece it almost looks as if the green is reflecting into the clouds.
Here the artist has used very dark green colors to show a very dark environment. Maybe as if night is approaching.
I chose this picture because I can really relate to the swamp type greens in this art piece. You can make out the thickness of the vines and bushes, and the canopy of the trees.
I chose this art piece as my last because you can really see the different types of greens represented to show the different types of forestation, you can see the grass on fields the leaves in the trees, the shrubbery along the walkways. 
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