The Most Hated of Mount Olympus - Jimi Price

This is the gallery of Greek God of War, Ares. Ares is one of the Twelve Olympians said to reside atop Mount Olympus. One of the most feared and hated Greek Gods, Ares was the bloodshed side of battle while Athena was the strategist. Always depicted with a helmet and spear, Ares was a man amongst men. This gallery is an admiration to the God of War throughout history in the form of sculptures. 

The following is a Marble Sculpture of the Greek God Ares, depicted as the Roman God Mars. The sculpture sets emphasis on Mars' facial features, with no detail to the eyes, this could be interpreted that Ares saw no fear. You may also notice the wear on the sculpture around the nose, chin, and some of the hairline.
In this sculpture a man representing the God of War Mars (Ares) is seen unsheathing his sword; nonchalantly. As seen with a sash, belt, and what appears to be a winged dragon as a topper on his helmet; the sculpture seems to show Mars relaxed side, a bit of confidence can be felt when showing emotion. The detail around his belt is noticeable better than other parts of this sculpture. The color of the sculpture is a bit worn due to the sunlight, but noticeable this sculpture emphasizes on Mars’ attitude and confidence.
This statue of Mars (Ares) shows emotion throughout the gesture shown. Very confident and quite cocky; this could be an interpretation of Mars. Even aged this statute appears to show a young, handsome Mars, but not to be fooled by his looks. Seen with a Roman cowl and chest armor.
Here the God of War is seen later in life, by his beard. Mars (Ares) is seen standing tall, it looks like he is about to speak or say something to a group of people. This is the most detailed statue, proportioned throughout this statue shows a leader in Mars.
A younger version of Mars (Ares) is seen here. A more realistic statue with great detail in particularly the lower body. An Angel is at the bottom of the statue, portraying Rhea, the daughter of Uranus. The face would be the only part of the body that detail seems to lesser. Mars appears to be sitting on a throne of some sort.
In this statue we see Mars (Ares) and Venus together in Arms. The emphasis of this statue is based around the love between Mars and Venus. Appearing to be Bronze based upon the color of the statue. It appears that Mars is sitting on a stool of some sort while Venus gives her everything to Mars. Mars is also seen as vulnerable possibly because he is shown as a young Mars and without his cowl.
This amazing piece of art is of Mars (Ares). The emphasis of this statue is based upon the facial expression seen on Mars’ face. He looks serious. This statue could be made of Marble or some kind of stone. He is also seen with his battle cowl and armor.
This statue of Mars (Ares) is also of miss-proportion with an emphasis on his abdomen area and upper body. Gloating in this statue made of Bronze maybe; Mars can be seen vulnerable without any armor or clothes, but yet has his battle cowl. Still shown as a handsome young man, yet rugged and ready for war.
Here is a statue of Mars (Ares) in between 1653 – 54, shown in Marble, in the Royal Palace Amsterdam. Shown with less armor and more of a Garrison appearance, also in the statue appears to be a beast at his feet, as if he is his master. This statue is very well detailed and Mars is proportioned throughout the whole sculpture.
This statue of Mars (Ares), seems to be more of a tribute to Mars. Possibly created with wood or some kind of metal product. It appears that this sculpture is very one dimensional; not much detail, it would be hard to tell that this was a statue of Mars.
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