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Hannah Robinson SBU This is my photography gallery. It includes Lange's "Migrant Mother, Nipomo, California", Coxhead's "Mitre Peak, Milford Sound, NZ...", "House of a Thousand Windows", Chance's "Mount Egmont", and Adkin's "The Order of the bath".

This famous photograph taken by Lange in 1936 is a picture of a mother and her two children during the Great Depression. The worried look capture on this woman's face is a symbol of how an overwhelming majority of Americans felt during this time period. It is easy to see her despair and worry in her face.
Frank Coxhead's photograph is of a lake in New Zealand. I think the backdrop of the mountains in this photo is absolutely beautiful. The calmness of the lake with the mountains surrounding it create a beautiful landscape photograph.
This is a photograph of the beginnings of a great city, New York City. This picture makes me think of how quickly such a large and bustling city grew up from simple (non-skycraper-type) buildings. I think this photograph helps to represent the quick change of America's landscape during the past 100 years.
I think this photograph really captures the beauty of nature. The subject matter of this photograph is obviously nature. Seeing photographs such as this make me want to travel the world to see these sites.
I think this photograph is really cute. It captures a special moment between a mother and her child. Both mother and child appear to enjoy bathtime. I believe the subject matter of this photograph refers to the relationship between a mother and her child.
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