Posture Paintings

Throughout this exhibition, I have chosen the theme of posture. Each piece shows the art works posture beyond just what we see and tells more about the person beyond the art. Positions and stature will also help the viewer analyze more about the portraits.

In this portrait Isabella has a dominant posture. Her hands are placed in a respectful manner. This rt work shows that Isabella is someone is well respected.
This piece is very bold and beautiful. The portrait is enlightened by colors. This work is peaceful and shows the angels worshiping. Madonna's robe and the chair she sits in expresses power and respect
In this painting the artist used colors that enhanced Madonna's beauty. This painting seems almost realistic. The posture of Madonna is angelic and soft. Madonna's attire shows how she is viewed.
In this art work their is many things shown. This piece shows a real life scenario. In the background it shows a Christ like figure. The virgin is shown fully cloth with nothing showing but her face.
In the painting the Shepherd has real like features. His body is well clothed. The clothing of the shepherd seems feminine. The flute seems to symbolize the beauty of music and his love for music.
In this painting it shows Mary mourning. Mary's posture seems as though she is praising the Gods. Mary's attire is very covered and reserved. The colors used in the painting is gloomy and emotional.
In the painting Christ is shown slouched in a uncomfortable position. Christ hands are opened showing the piecing wounds from his crucifixion. On the side it appears to be a tomb cover in which they will use.
The main object that stands out in this painting is the Christ like figure being crucified. In the corner my eyes went straight to the virgin as she is crunched in a overwhelming emotion typed posture.
This painting shows emotion. Throughout this art it shows how they are preparing to tomb the Christ like figure. By the posture of the figure, it seems as though he was someone they idolized and worshiped
Credits: All media
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