Element of texture

The use of white in this picture with both the flowers and snow allows the viewer to experience this soft and cold texture.
The use of strips of material along with the contrast in color creates a jagged yet rhythmic texture
The use of spotted brush strokes makes this painting look rough.
Long brush strokes makes this painting look watery and smooth.
The use of a repeated pattern makes this look as if rough brush strokes were used.
The wood has a natural texture. There is both smooth and rigid pieces of this wood, in addition to a soft look overcoat.
The distinct shapes of this article of clothing creates a rigid feeling where each shape ends. The texture is smooth and separated by spaces of openness.
Each wispy brush stroke adds the texture of individual shapes. The areas that are more blended have a muddy feeling.
The use of color and material creates a very soft texture.
The contrast of color and scenery create an unnatural texture.
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