Impressing a City- Kyle B. Crowder

I've used a few pieces from the City Scape collection created by Myung Su Ham. I chose paintings that were not done at the same time in his career. He used the technique of impressionism to paint the pieces. His collection was very subjective and represented city scapes in all the pieces in this collection by him.

City Scape by Myung Su Ham fits the theme of my gallery because he used color blotches to make the setting. Also, it looks like a busy city at night.
I think this piece fit my theme because even though its not in the busy city it looks like its in the outskirts of a city. He did a great job with using one-point perspective to make this happen.
In this painting Myung stepped away from the really busy cities and did a painting that looks more like a city that is located on the coast by water.The painting includes a impressional birds eye view
Myung Su used very vibrant colors to paint this painting. It depicts a city scape from a birds eye point of view. This fits my theme because it is still a city painting and used impressional painting.
I love this painting because he changed it up and didn't use heavy saturation as in his other in the gallery. This piece fits the theme because of the technique used to create this painting.
To me this painting looks like it takes place in a city like New Orleans. It also have the same design style as shown in his other pictures with the line detail.
I love this painting because Myung Su changed it up and did a city painting from the a birds eye point of view. He used very heavily saturated colors.
This painting has impressionism showed throughout the whole painting. This painting goes with my theme because it’s a city scape and he used an impressional painting style.
This is one of Myung Su's paintings that looks like a city like San Fransisco. I say that because of the bridge in the top right corner. He just complimentary colors to make this work Blue and Orange.
This painting shows a city scape from a birds eye. This painting fits my theme of imprssional city scapes because that is exactly what is shown. He used saturated colors to paint this.
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