Christopher Philpot


There is color in this room, because of one of the walls, is orange, and the little box is yellow. The top of the back wall is dark green to.
This sculpture shows value, because when the objects rounds, the middle of the round is the lightest, and the backsides are the darkest shadows. It gets darker the further the objects bends back.
This sculpture shows symmetrical balance, because if you split this objects in half, it would have the same tip and the same round ends with holes in them. The object will have same colors, shapes to.
This shows patter, because of the same heads all over the vase to show patter. All the heads art white and have a face on them so they are similar in a way, so its shows patter.
This sculpture shows emphasis, because it is drawing peoples is to it other than the trees in the background. It stands out more that the stuff in the background objects.
This sculpture shows texture in the different bricks stack on each other.There is texture in the bottom one because of how it looks like and feels and how it will feel in person. texture in top brick.
This bowl shows shape, because its a round circle bowl. There is also hexagons in the outer side of the bowl and little circles in the inner ring of the bowl. There is also a circle in the middle to.
This sculpture shows form, because there are 3-dementional round cone that gets smaller the farther it goes down, and gets bigger the farther it goes up. This cone sculpture has a cone form that's 3D.
This walls has a drawing of are guy driving a car. In the dash of the car the is lot of different lines. There are wavy lines and straight lines to. There are dark bolded lines in the outline to.
This shows space, because the area around the sculpture is the negative space of the picture and the sculpture of the man would be the positive space. Background would be the negative space of this.
This can would show variety because of the different types of lines at the bottom of the can. There's different colors and shapes, like red, green colors and circles and smaller circles.
The animal in front of the girl shows movement, because it is in a moving position and it looks like its running or pouncing onto something, or running to something.
These fake ducks show rhythm, because some of the ducks are doing the same movement in a patter way. The ducks are arranged in a patter way, because some of the ducks are looking down some aren't.
These cans show proportion, because there are 3 cans but there's a small one and a medium size one and then there's a big one that's bigger than the other ones. The size of the big one is biggest.
This chair shows harmony, because of the way it is placed and how it looks. There are lots of different element on the chair and some of the elements have similarities.
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