Ancient History Compare & Contrast

Artworks of three major Ancient history cultures, which are Prehistoric, the Ancient Egyptians, & the Ancient Greeks.

One of the oldest human skulls that represents what the prehistoric humans looked like.
A regular pot. It might have been used for religious practices.
A full female human. This could have been used as a fertility image. This could've also been a goddess.
A female figure. Judging by her breast, this image might be a fertility image.
Tutankhamen is a boy-king of the late New Kingdom period of Ancient Egypt.
The extraordinary Hatshepsut who is the only known female pharaoh. Hatshepsut ruled due to not giving birth to any sons & the death of Thutmose II. Hatshepsut ruled for two decades.
Anubis is the Egyptian god of embalming.
Isis is one of Osiris's sisters in Ancient Egyptian religion. Isis, Nephthys, & Osiris give eternal life to the Ancient Egyptians. Isis is shown breast-feeding with her left breast.
Osiris is one of the gods in Ancient Egypt religion. Osiris along with his sisters Isis & Nephthys give eternal life to the Ancient Egyptians.
The goddess Aphrodite & the god Eros of the Ancient Greek religion. Aphrodite is shown holding something & holding on to Eros's hand.
Athena Parthenos is one of the goddesses in Ancient Greek religion. Athena was believed to be a virgin & the goddess of warfare & wisdom in Ancient Greek religion.
Alexander the Great was a heroic figure in Ancient Greece. Alexander is shown posing with a fist.
The main god in Ancient Greek religion is called Zeus (Jupiter in this image description.) Zeus is shown in a very authoritarian pose.
A girl from the Hellenistic period of Ancient Greece. This girl is shown looking depressed or ashamed & appears to be looking under her clothing where her breast are.
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