Inequities of Life

Each picture depicts inequalities in some form or stage of life.  Whether or not it was Plato speaking through his mentor or Marx looking for a better way to serve mankind, each reading over the past six weeks has shown how we promote or deal with issues from the standpoint of inequalities as viewed from the author.  Perception is reality. The projects depict how philosophers like Plato, feminists like Wollstonecraft, communists like Marx, and writers like Rousseau all shared their view of the world around them.  One may think, evolution of equality would get stronger as time passes, but these authors are consistent in proving just the opposite.  

This depicts Plato in book 1 speaking through his instructor Socrates. It looks as though Socrates is carrying the load for Plato when the question is asked "What is justice?"
This was sculpted to only show one side of the story. This may be a good way to describe what was seen in book 2. Socrates thinks he has adequately addressed the issues, but that is not the case and he is challenged and by asking the other side of the story with questions.
This picture represents the children being trained by men. Notice there are no women and they are intently listening to their male mentor. They are working to become a philosopher king.
Plato says the philosopher is superior in virtue because they yearn for the truth. The telescope represents a vehicle to help see things clearly just like the philosophers did.
All men are rooted in nature but their different body positions represent the diversity among themselves. They represent the bond of servitude that Rousseau mentions in his work. "The first language of mankind, in a word is the only language man needed, before he exerted his eloquence for a simple cry of nature." pg. 28
This piece of art is a summary of what Rousseau discusses in his work. He compares a savage man(represented by nature/tree) and civilized man (the suit and tie). Both figures have their differences but they have a common love of life. For the primitive idea of two things is that they are not the same, and it takes a long time for what they have in common to be seen. pg 29
This is the last term of inequality subjects having no law but the will of their master pg 63
For some this is the consequence of excessive corruption pg 63 The insurrection that ends in the death is as lawful and act as their subjects.
Everyone knows these iconic McDonalds characters. The observer is able to see past the negativity which demonstrates that people should see past the inequality of classes; exactly Marx's point.
This captures North Koreans that have a "Marx" mind set. These Koreans decided to walk over their own government (represented by the flag) to protest for what they believe is equal.
"Taught from their infancy, women believe beauty is a scepter, the mind shapes itself to the body." page 44
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