mountain views

This is my exhibition. The theme in which is carried out through this exhibit is "Mountain Views". Each of the artworks were carefully picked as to make sure they corresponded with each other. Each of the artworks relate to each other through the content of having a beautiful mountain view. The reason i chose mountain views is that not only can many things be seen from a mountain view but not 1 Mountain View is ever the same which makes this exhibit unique. I have placed the artworks, which consists of drawings and paintings at the start to get a feel of the beauty of mountain views. I have placed the photographs at the end of the exhibit to symbolize the realism of mountain views. The difference between the two although may not seem that great is actually quite a difference. The photographs show how real and serene the view of the mountain is whereas the paintings and drawings create a sort of alternate reality to the view; making it more creative and imaginative. The variety of media's used in the exhibit ranges from paintings to photographs. This ensures we get enough understanding of mountain views and what they consist of. This exhibit is a wonderful exhibit is it best to take your time to really understand and appreciate the wonderful creations before you. These artworks contain many stories, stories in which are easy to find and some other not so much. Enjoy the exhibit and have a great time.

This artwork evidences the structural frame as it shows how it's made using; tone, colours, strokes and lines.
This artwork evidences the Post-Modern frame as the artwork symbolizes a "Paradise" in which is not realistic.
This artwork evidences the Subjective Frame because of the emotion that is displayed throughout the artwork. The emotion is displayed through the brush strokes and colours used.
This artwork evidences the Cultural frame as the picture shows a time where humans where realizing the materials and resources around them, thus the cutting down of trees.
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