"the Naked ONes"

This gallery is a representation of the women who changed the way the public viewed the female anatomy. The women of authority and their roles in society. Also, The artists who painted the women to honor their characteristics. These people were bold in their time, going against what the majority felt.

This Portrait of an Egyptian woman standing nude. It appears as if she is directing someone or something. The fact that either her or the artist decided to capture the moment of art is the reason I chose it.
This picture is of statuette of a nude girl. Recovered from a time where the female role was questionable, the artist who sculpted this was very adamate about the details in the body of the statue.
This portrait of a woman caught my attention because of the fine clothing that she is wearing and the posture she is using. This is saying to me that she was of some importance.
I especially like this painting because is capture a moment in life between mother and child. The garments of choice signify some type of authority or wealth. Also the artist' eye for detail is stunning.
This portrait of Venus with a mirror was a choice because it symbolizes everyone needing to re-evaluate themselves or "look in the mirror". Sometimes you have strip down to the basics. The background seems to be important also.
This portrait of a man sitting in a chair with nude women around him seem to signify they are awaiting his approval. The different angles the artist used make for a more interesting image, as the man sitting would see.
This portrait is a little different as this appears that the women in the center is getting dressed. Maybe after a ritual of some sort. I chose this because of the artist attention to everything around the main focus of the artwork.
i chose this particular piece because it captures the essence of peace and resting. When there is peace, there is a calm. The lady is depicted as care-free with no worries, while someone watches the essence of her beauty.
This portrait, which is of latina descent is interesting because of the proportions in which the female is painted. There are slight emphasis with the hips, breast, and hair, To me this symbolizes the ultimate female anatomy,
This portrait was selected because this picture gave me the opposite feeling of all the others. This woman gives off a negative vibe which adds contrast to my gallery. The surroundings are not as upscale either.
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