7th grade research (Ralph Albert Blakelock)

         7th Grade Research ( Ralph Albert Blakelock)                                       By Joshua Ellis For my Artist I did Ralph Albert Blakelock a very famous artist. Ralph Albert Blakelock was born in New York City on October 15, 1847 and was the son of a doctor. In 1864 Ralph Albert  Blakelock entered the Free Academy of the City of New York with hopes of becoming a physician. The country of his origin was the United States of  America. Ralph went to college at The city college of New York. He fell in love and married Cora Rebecca Bailey and had 9 children.  In art, Blakelock was a genius, yet, in business dealings and in monetary transactions he proved a failure. He found it difficult, if not crushing to maintain and support his wife and children. In desperation he found himself selling his paintings for extremely low prices, far beneath their known worth. He moved to the west where nature was everything and that is why his paintings contain much nature in them. He was also an accomplished musician, and would use his improvised piano compositions as inspiration for his paintings.Ralph Albert Blakelock is known for his moon light landscapes and quiet paintings of American Indian encampments. What I like about his paintings is the nature inside them and caught the landscape perfectly. He sold his highest paintings for $20,000 to  Sadie Filbert. As his success grew late in the century, he became mentally ill, was institutionalized, and was adopted as a cause célèbre before dying under suspicious circumstances. Though very prolific in his own right, Ralph Albert Blakelock is now known as one of America’s most forged artists. Ralph Albert Blakelock died at 71 years old and died as one of america's best painters. Ralph Albert Blakelock also went down as America’s most forged artists.

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