China's Culture

By Jack Jones

The Great Wall of China is one of the very first things you think of when the country is mentioned to you. It is a very well known historic figure that demonstrates power.
Buddhism is somewhat an important religion in the Chinese culture, and throughout history has made many different appearances.
Art has a big impact on culture, and some of the old paintings from long ago are interesting. Chinese paintings like these show a glimpse of what life may have been like back then as well.
This old Dagger shows what Chinese warriors might have used in battles and wars.
Leather Armour like this may have been worn by Chinese warriors hundreds of years ago. This shows how successful they would've been in battles and wars.
This painting shows many different cultural diversities between the Chinese population, and how diverse they are.
This painting shows a lot of historical importance between the timeline of communist china. The soviet union had a great influence on china's history and culture.
This small painting gives a good look at china's ancient architecture.
This picture shows what the living environment may be like in places like these.
This "Awakening Lion" costume was probably used in festivals and parties for many different reasons. It shows bright colors and is very appealing.
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