Greek Art

THE best Greek art in the World.

Here we have two people fighting a hydra. The hydra is a mythical creature that generates 2 new heads for each it loses, demonstrated by the person with a scythe.
This wine cup features the Greek hero Bellerophon, famous for taming Pegasus, the winged horse, and fighting the Chimaera, both depicted on the cup. His spear was treated with a block of lead, which suffocated the Chimaera.
This silver coin was equivalent to four drachmae, the Athenian currency. The head represents Athenia, and the tails shows an owl, the symbol of the Athenian polis.
This horse specifically does not have much significance, but horses are very important in Greece. The Macedonians were renowned for their Companions, an elite cavalry force that was instrumental in Alexander the Great's conquests.
Here we have a guy killing the minotaur. Reminiscent of the story of the Labyrinth, where the neighbouring city makes sacrifices of their children to the minotaur. 3 guys, 3 girls. Here they defeat the minotaur in a turn of events.
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