Color Wheel

Artists use colors in many different ways to help convey feelings, conceptual ideas, and aesthetics. In this gallery you will find a collection of pieces that use a specific color in the majority of each painting. The paintings are arranged in order to create the colors from the basic color wheel with the colors red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. Each artist has a different style of painting but when one looks at all the pieces together it is visual appealing because of the colors and the order that they are arranged. It makes one realize the different feelings you can have based off of certain colors and the certain tone of color that is used it a piece of art. Color is one of the most important aspects of creating a work of art and it sometimes overlooked. The color can really affect the space of a painting and can even give the illusion that something is larger or smaller than it really is. The musicians Table and Me in my Brown Denim Personal Panel both use color in a very flat way but use complementary colors to help give the image depth. Sunflowers and Arrival of the Normandy Train, both use color in a more expressive way with the use of obvious brush strokes. It gives the pieces a lot of movement and makes them look like they’re in action. The Dream and moonrise over the sea are both landscapes and use color to tell a story with surrounding figures. Color can be used in multiple different ways to create different ways of perception. It is important to notice colors in artwork especially modern work because it really adds to the meaning of the piece. These artworks all use color in unique ways that are visually appealing through different styles.

Credits: All media
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