We All Need People      Donald miller

This gallery shows different representations of family and friend gatherings. Each person is who they are because of the relationships they have had in their life. All of the art in this gallery shows relationships between people at different times of life as well as in different circumstances. Everyone lives a different life but we all need people to get by.

The Potato Eaters is a painting that shows a group of peasants gathered around a table eating potatoes. The painting uses dark tones to represent the hard lives the peasants live. The only light in the painting is from the lantern that is hung from the ceiling. The placement of the peasants with two on each side and one in the as well as the lantern in the middle give symmetry to this painting.
This painting has many things happening all at once. It shows a family celebrating St. Nicholas Day and the joy the children and there family have. The artist uses space to allow all of the different things going on to show through the painting. The artist uses many earth tones but keeps the colors light to match the mood of the painting.
This painting from the Impressionist movement shows groups of friends talking and enjoying a meal together. Different classes of French society are all show in this painting which was new at the time when this painting was created. All of the patrons are busy enjoying themselves which adds movement to the art. To add to the happy and energetic mood of the painting bright colors are used as well as texture to add dimension and bring out all of the details.
This painting shows a group together drinking and having a good time together. The painting shows enjoyment and celebration. The man who is holding his glass up as if he is toasting is the center focal point of the painting. The painting has many small details that the artist is able to show using texture that adds depth.
This painting is of a couple at a table with a musician playing for them while wine is being brought out. This painting is very bright and has many colors giving it a happy light hearted feel. On the wall in the background vertical and diagonal lines are used which adds another layer of dimension to the painting.
This painting is of a Sunday on La Grande Jatte. It shows many people out enjoying the outdoors and there company. The bottom of the painting is above ground level giving it a larger since of space. The bottom of the painting also appears to have a shadow cast on to it but as the eyes go up to the top it leads to a bright horizon.
This painting is exactly as the title says, At the Moulin Rouge. It shows the artist portrayal of his time there as well as his friends who worked and visited. Lines play a large part of this painting creating the mood and depth. There are diagonal lines in the floor and counter tops that go against the vertical lines of the back wall, while all of the patrons in the painting are made up with many curves creating a since of excitement and a lot going on.
This painting is of a large group of friends gathered together. Within the large group there are smaller groups talking or reading. The artist uses light and dark tones of colors to show that it is late because no light is coming from the window just the lamp. Texture is also used to add dimension to this painting and give it a realistic look.
The Boating Party is a painting of a mother and her child taking a ride on a boat. The boats oar and sail are pointing to the child who is also in the center of the painting making the child the focal point. The artist also uses texture to add dimension which makes the man in the boat appear as if he is coming out of the canvas.
In this painting three peasants are gathered sharing a drink and having a good time together. The color in this painting is able to portray the mood. The dark warm colors work to show the lower class at the end and the hard lives of the peasants while the brighter colors directly around the men shows the mood of the men and how they are still enjoying themselves.
Credits: All media
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