Triangular Geometric abstraction - Derek Brooks

This gallery is composed of works that create images through the use of geometric shapes, specifically, triangles. Triangles can be used to make all sorts of images, and artwork. It is even used to model 3D characters in video games.

Mural, Carlos Mérida, 1961/1961, From the collection of: Art Museum of the Americas
This is a picture of Carlos Merida's "Mural".This is a good starting point for my gallery. Created in 1961 this painting was designed to be an interior art piece. Varying size triangles are overlaid to create a basic theme, then other shapes are added for detail. The focus is on the red and blue triangles. The simplistic color scheme makes it able to fit with many different home designs easily. I think that this picture has great balance no matter where you look. The big red and blue arrows instantly draw attention, then you drift down to the different shapes intersecting with each other. There is also a lot of variety in the form of shapes used. The different color shapes also add depth to the overall picture.
Irridescent Compenetration 7, Giacomo Balla, [1912], From the collection of: Galleria Civica di Arte Moderna e Contemporanea Torino
This piece is called "Irridescent Compenetration 7", a watercolor painting by Giacomo Balla in 1912. This is in my gallery because the entire image is made up of tiny acute triangles which create a greater image. The lines formed by the triangle give the image a sort of mood. It is almost like looking through a prism, which was intended by the author. The color scheme also is very vibrant, and uses many shades of purple, blue, green, and yellow. The left side is shaded heavily, and give the appearance that it is further away than the right side. The image is also almost completely symmetrical if not for the shading.
Concreto, Alfredo Volpi, December, 1950, From the collection of: The Adolpho Leirner Collection of Brazilian Constructive Art at The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston
The "Concreto" by Alfredo Volpi is the next image in my gallery. It is a painting, and is in my gallery because it uses solely triangles to covey it's message. The simple right triangle is used in somewhat of a grid, and is shifted in certain points. Only two colors are used, yellow, and green. I could not find much information on what the image is supposed to represent, but it reminds me of a pattern on a quilt. I see a plant or vine near a wall.
Dinámica del viento, Emilio PETTORUTI, 1915 - 1915, From the collection of: Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes de Argentina
"Dinamica del viento" is another great example to add to my gallery. This is a graphite drawing using only acute triangles to add mood, and dimension. Triangles are shaded with varying intensity to create depth. The triangles have overlapping areas which are used to create the different shades. Altogether they form a few sharp points. No information on what the artist intended was listed, but to me it looks like a mountain chain turned on its side.
Invenção baiana no. 1, Samson Flexor, 1952, From the collection of: The Adolpho Leirner Collection of Brazilian Constructive Art at The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston
This is an oil on canvas painting by Samson Flexor. I thought this fits into my gallery because it has a strong presence of geometric abstraction, and many of the shapes are triangles. There is no apparent shape this piece is making, and is more or less created by adding points together. Most of the shapes created are given many different colors, none of which touch another. Shading was also introduced to add depth to certain areas in the painting. They almost give the impression of 3D space.
The Summer, Gino Severini, 1951/1951, From the collection of: Museo Carlo Bilotti
This is the first image in my gallery that creates a representable shape, the figure of a woman. It is not solely the product of triangles, but they play a major role in creating edges, and details in the work itself. Zig-zagging lines were used to create a general shaped, then smaller shapes were made out of the outline, and given color. The triangles used to define the edge of the body instantly strike home letting you know right away there is a figure of a woman who has her hands on her hips, possibly tapping her foot.
Untitled, Roma, 2010/2014, From the collection of: graffitimundo
I chose to add this graffiti art to my gallery because it has an overwhelming amount of triangular abstraction that adds to the confusion in the image. First off, the color scheme is very vibrant here, many, almost flourescent colors are used. Combined with the intricate triangle pattern detailed, this creates a conflicting mood to the image. The author also warps the edges of the triangle pattern to add a 3D effect in the top right of the image.
Untitled, Poeta, 2010/2014, From the collection of: graffitimundo
This is an untitled work by Poeta another graffiti artist who specialized in drawing abstract works that explore the relationship between form, and color. Through the shapes used there is an instant sense of unity, and a human figure is clearly defined. Triangles are used liberally in the figure to connect shapes. The shades of color represent the different skin colors of the world, and round, or pointy shapes represent the different figure sizes.
Mis Pensamientos, Roma, 2010/2013, From the collection of: graffitimundo
This work is called Mis Pensamientos by Roma the same graffiti artist who made the untitled art a page before this one. There is no clear image of what this artwork represents, but triangular geometric abstraction is used to create an almost spherical shape, maybe representing a planet. The triangle lines are morphed to give depth, and a three dimensional feel. It is apparent that the author is a fan of vibrant color schemes, as the same triangular pattern is used.
(Front (old photography)), From the collection of: The J. Paul Getty Museum
This last image in my google art gallery "Mosaic floor with head of medusa" is a stone floor mosaic created in 115-150 A.D.. The creator is lost to time, but was probably of Roman descent. I chose to add this image because there is a heavy presence of geometric pattern, that is almost abstract. The triangles are used receding smaller into the center to create depth, and an optical illusion. Centered is Medusa, and outlined is another pattern typical to Hellenistic society at the time.
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