Google Art Project

I like the colors Bonheur used, they made the painting very realistic, I feel she could've used a little more bright colors and added more detail in the ocean behind the sheep
I love the way the artist used dark colors to add to the storm in the back and actually show why it is snowy, i feel he could have used more details and buildings in the town, and spread people out.
this picture is of a girl getting her fortune told, i like it for the back ground in it, if he added more detail to the girls it would have been better
some of the color in this has been covered by black, but i do really like the way it was made, the expressions on the peoples faces are great, but he should have added more detail in the bull
i like how this picture has a lot of detail, if you zoom in it is completly different. the colors are a little bland but it is very beautiful
the detail in the flowers makes this painting very real and the way they look almost dead makes them seem better. She couldve added more shadow and back color
is not a very old painting but it very heart warming and makes you think about it after you leave. if he added more detail to make it more realistic i think it would be better
The amount of color and detail in this painting is amazing, the amount of detail makes it better, if he added more back detail it would make this beter
The color in this really gets your attention, it adds to the detail and makes it very interesting. i feel like some of the color is a little to blue and adding less would make it better
the picture by John Glover is a great piece of art but lacks color and vibrancy
I love this picture. i think the artist captured it perfect. the colors go really well together and compliment each other really well
I like all the detail in the trees and colors of everything but i think the girl couldve had more detail, or added more people
the nature in this painting is beautifully done, with natural colors that compliment each other and make it seem realistic
the painting of Venus and Adonis by Rubens is a very famous painting, that shows beauty in n=more then one way and tells a story, i feel he could have added more back detail, and colors
this picture is very intense but shows true life, he used dull colors and made it seem very real and added bright colors in the back and as fire.
the colors in this are very real, it is not bright and colorful, it is how it would be in real life
this sketch is how it is in war, it is not sugar coated like most things were during the time of war. if he made it in color it would improve the look of the painting
the design of this was originallly made to go on a ceiling but it is a very beautiful piece of art and would be evben better in color
this picture os of Apollo in his Chariot and it would be better if he had made it in color or added more detail in the chariot and man
this painting has very bright amazing colors but it is not very real, the grass and some clothes would not be so brilliant, but he may have been trying to make it look happier
this picture of two dancers is very beautiful and has a lot of vibrant color, i feel if Degas added a black outline it would be better and easier to tell the dresses from the back
this picture makes me think of a lot of different things, it should have included more of the actual view to make it even more detailed
this is one of the few pictures where the person is smiling, its beauty is really unique and different from something you would usually see
i really like this picture but i feel like the artist should have made the hands a different color so they stand out more
I like this painting but i feel the artist should have added more detail in the window and made the view more noticable
i feel like the artist put a lot of detail in it and i really like that but i think he should have made it colorful
this painting does not have bright colors but it does capture attention and make you notice it. i love all of the little detail and life like qualities
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